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Fraser Moss



I am Fraser Moss, President of and also known as TheFFM on the site. I have a Ph. D. in Pharmacology from University College London and postdoc experience at the California Institute of Technology and Case Western Reserve University as well as spending some time in industry. My research has focused predominantly on neuronal ion channel and neurotransmitter transporter biophysics.I have extensive training in electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, molecular biology and protein biochemistry and have employed these techniques to investigate the oligomerization, stoichiometry, trafficking and pharmacology of these elegant multimeric proteins in both normal and disease states.Before I became a moderator and then President of the site, I found in 2005 while looking for information on the web to troubleshoot a problem with my research. I’ve been logged on ever since. I quickly recognized the site’s power to allow quick interaction with peers from all over the world to help obtain the information I needed. I have gained a great deal of satisfaction sharing my own knowledge and experience on the site. I hope to continue to help my fellow scientists through for many more years and see the site become the first port of call for life-scientists worldwide when they turn on their web browsers.