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Question & Answers

Q: How is Scientist Solutions Unique?

A: We didn’t invent this way of connecting, but we did commercialize it when our founder 20 years ago saw it delivered the best ROI of any sales strategy. It’s rewarding to hear our clients tell us they generated $67,000 in business in less than 2 hours at an event in Colorado or a pipeline of $250,000 – potentially a million in new business for new equipment sales during our Hawaii series.

It’s also rewarding hearing from a biotech company that we delivered technology solutions in a few weeks where their research had been trying to express a protein for 2 years, thanks to a supplier at one of our events.

Our model is to bring our vendors to interact with researchers close to their labs. The closer the event to the researchers the better ROI (and this has been proven). The further researchers have to travel to meet with vendors the less likelihood a high percentage of decisions makers will attend.

BTW: We love science, helping researchers, helping vendors and making life a little easier for procurement and facilities.

Q: How will my brand be promoted in advance of an event?

A: Your logo is prominently displayed on flyers and electronic mailings. In fact for electronic marketing, we hyperlink your logo to a promo page of your choosing or to your rep’s email for advance connecting at no charge.

Q: Why are only some events listed on the website?

A: Some accounts prefer to not be in the public domain. Thus, always get on our announcement lists!

Q: What does the lock symbolize next to the name of an event?

A: Either an event is filled or approval is required. You may still requested to be waitlisted by going to the link to add your name.

Q:  Are there discounts not published?

A:  Yes.  Please inquire about our corporate concierge.

Q: Can I get a schedule 6 months or a year in advance for budgeting?

A: No. Because the venues we book are typically so close to the researchers, we’re asking for premium space. Like you, we are always business developing to stay one step ahead of you to create new opportunities.

Q:  I see several events I want to sign up for. Is there a shopping cart where I can click on the shows I want and check out with one transaction?

A: Unfortunately, the SaaS solution we use does not have this feature but we are happy to register you for the events you want. Just send us the list of events you want.
For several ‘single’ shows and entire series of events and
for bulk pricing programs contact us:

Q: Do you charge for power?

A: No

Q:  Do you charge any special fees or are there hidden fees?

A:  No.  We do not charge an ‘annual fee’ to participate and we never bill you for expenses after an event.  You will always know 100% of the fees upfront when you register.  In some areas of the country we break down the fees into two areas: table fee and service fee.  This mainly is done where there are high service fees to organize the event.

Q: How do you promote my company in advance of an event?

A: Thank you for asking! We go above and beyond. Because we were in your position once, we understand what you want… your BRAND front and center. We market to entire list serv’s through our internal champion; we market through our own extensive database and when necessary to make sure we are totally covered, we post as well. Some institutions do not allow posting. But just as important: We always promote your brand both electronically and physically. And unique to Scientist Solutions, we tag your brand (logo) to your website. If you would like to tag your logo to a specific page, just let us know. This is available for a tiny charge.

Q: Can I stand out at your events?

A: Yes, we will feature you with a skyscraper ad clickable to the url of your choice (we will send you CTR and views following the event). This is available for a nominal fee and you may also reserve a high profile table. Contact Amar.

Q: Are there any other promotions you can help my company with?

A: Yes. We have special electronic targeted marketing campaigns to reach researchers who are excited to hear about new technologies and promotions. Please inquire with a simple description of what you’re looking for.

Q: I get fantastic results at your events. Can you help convince my management this is more effective than cold calling or other forms of promotion?

A: Absolutely, we are experienced with all avenues of promotion and we won’t recommend 100% of your budget go to Scientist Solutions. The best results for your company will be a combination of techniques and promotion.